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the GazettE DOGMATIC 2016 ESP Guitar Picks

Written at 23:18 on Saturday, February 27

the GazettE DOGMATIC 2016 ESP Guitar Picks (AOI, REITA & URUHA)
3pcs set: SGD 11.00


Other picks available:
MEJIBRAY MiA 2015 - 6 picks left
the GazettE Aoi 2011 - 4 picks left
Dir en Grey 2014 - 5 sets left
Versailles 2011 - 3 sets left
Versailles Hizaki - 5 picks left
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas SXUN - 1 left

Normal postage : + SGD 1.00
Registered Postage: + SGD 3.25
Weekdays - SIT @ TP or Bedok (after 5pm), Bukit Gombak (evening onwards)
Weekends - Bukit Gombak


Written at 18:36 on Saturday, December 31

New year new blog: NEW BLOG! CLICK HERE

It's a brand new year ahead eh~ Starting to feel old ):

In 2011, I got into my dream course in SP. Attended camps, and the most memorable one was DMIT FOC 11/12. Made some great friends from DPA and LEAP Camp and lastly I'm glad to meet Marvelous Bananas. Organized Clique's Chalet twice, having fun making pranks during birthday parties. AND I SAW ViViD PERFORMING LIVE!

Sprained my foot twice, phone went haywire and I lost someone, my dad.

When you lost something, you gained something(works either way).
Somehow you gained more than you lost.

In 2012 there will still be happiness, sadness, anger & assignments @#$%^&*
Lets make everyday useful and create happy memories instead of sad ones.

Happy new year everyone(:

Christmas with Clique \0/

Written at 18:07 on Sunday, December 25